Semi-Opaque Sage Green Finish

Call it "French Provincial," but how do you mix it? December 6, 2011

I have been awarded a kitchen cabinet job that has gone from stained cherry to a proposed semi-opaque green color. I have seen samples of this in the past but am not sure exactly how to accomplish it. The customer does not want the look of a painted/glaze finish but rather still wants to see some of the grain coming through the finish. I have been successful in the past with tinted primer with clear conversion varnish topcoat but was wondering if a green tinted “white wash” then clear would be a better option. Any help would be greatly appreciated for both procedure and any additional upcharges I need to address since the job was originally quoted to stain/seal/topcoat.

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From contributor G:
I was going to suggest heavily thin out a green paint and apply it and then clear coat. Or you could get a green stain made, not sure how easy it would be to get an accurate color with a stain.

From contributor A:
I just finished a job like that. I mixed a toner with 1/3 vinyl sealer and 2/3 lacquer thinner and very small amounts of 844 universal colorant. I used Pthalo green and raw umber. Get a signature on the sample.