Serious Resawing Machinery

A request for help re-sawing some large Teak lumber leads to a closer look at some big-boy re-saw equipment. August 3, 2009

Does anyone know of someone who could re-saw 6" Teak for me?

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From contributor A:
Why can't you do it on your bandsaw with a carbide blade?

From the original questioner:
Thereís too many lineal feet and our Laguna Resaw master trashes blades way too quickly to be able to economically use a carbide blade on it. Itís not a setup issue with the saw, itís just too small a wheel for these types of blades. It leads to premature blade micro-fracturing.

From contributor D:
We can accurately split about 1000 bd/ft of 4/4 per hour in our shop. 1" kerf on a 4" band. Yamani SF-800 re-saw with roll feed and chain feed.

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From contributor A:
Nice setup. What does a rig like that cost?

From contributor D:
I bought mine second hand but unused. I called Yamani for assistance with setting it up and they have treated us like family. I think the level of follow up service they have provided is spectacular especially since I bought it second hand. I know at the time I got mine I paid about 10 cents on the dollar. It was a deal of a lifetime. We had the Resaw Master before this machine. I still have to chuckle and smile every time we use it. It never disappoints even when re-sawing African Wenge 29" wide.

From contributor M:
I found an old 36" Fay Eagan, added a power feed and also bought a 12" horizontal Baker. We run mostly a 1-1/4" Lennox Woodmaster B on both machines, and a Lennox carbide tipped for abrasive materials such as BH's teak.

From the original questioner:
I was looking for a source because I too have the "Resaw Master" from Laguna. It was strange when I bought it in Atlanta a number of years ago. The salesman actually tried to talk me out of it and into a bigger wheel saw. That made no sense unless he was just trying to get me to spend more money so I went ahead with the purchase.