Sharpening Schedule for Scoring Blades

If you cut a lot of melamine, how often does the scoring blade need to be sharpened? January 19, 2012

I'm using my scoring blade (split blade type) 75-90% of the time, mostly cutting 3/4" melamine, with a triple-chip 72-tooth main blade. It seems as though the main blade is ready to be sharpened while the scoring set seems to last a fair bit longer.

Is there a reliable way to tell when the scoring set needs sharpening, other than edge cut quality? Do you experienced panel saw guys follow a regular (sharpen every time the main's replaced, every other time, etc.) program? Any advice is appreciated.

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From contributor R:
As a closet company for 25 years we do 100% 3/4 melamine. I had success with sharpening the scoring set every other time the main blade was sharpened. If the score is kept shallow then there is less wear. I decided it wasn't worth doing because I found it easier to keep the main and scoring as a set. For me, the biggest pain is adjusting the score width, so keeping the set together made that easier.

If you keep the scoring set on and change the main, you still have to adjust the score to the new blade. Also you have to remember is it time to change the scoring set? Then when it is time to replace the main blade, are you going to keep the scoring set? Honestly, I consider them a matched set, like tires or shocks/struts/ brakes per axle on a car. You will spend more on time that you will save in sharpening.

From contributor G:
Split scoring saws will last longer than the main blade. We have a lot of customers using two main for one scoring. We also have customers who want to keep the main and scoring as a set.