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Does anyone have a phone # or contact info for a Sherwin-Williams tech. person that understands the post cat CC-F17A? Everyone I get in touch with is clueless, never heard of it. Ask about using vinyl sealer with catalyst V66V22 under post cat with V66V21 catalyst, & total confusion, can't begin to figure out anything I want someone to direct me to the proper product, that knows what they're talking about.

Thanks Everybody

From contributor Br

CCF17A doesn't refer to a particular conversion varnish that most people are familiar with and that's probably why you are getting the "deer in the headlights" from them. It's the V84 Series CV. If you still have issues, maybe you should be talking to another coating supplier......

From contributor Ke

You should be using v84FXX .. the XX is where the sheen code goes.. for dull rubbed it would be V84F83 .. this uses the v66v21 catalyst. the vinyl sealer that you should be using for this would be T67F7 which uses V66F26 catalyst.

From contributor Ed

Thank you, that is the exact information I was looking far, We now, as of yesterday have a new manager at the SW store, this dude is a dream. I asked about V84F83 & he tells me the catalyst, mix ratio, off the top of his head. At the same time he is printing out everything to do with the finish.

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no problem... for future reference, if you ever need a data sheet from any of their products, just type in the rex code on this page :

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See link below:

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There is no link shown?

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it was removed by moderator.. If you google "sherwin williams online catalog" ,, about the 8th result down will say "(MSDS) - sherwinwiliams -" .. bookmark that site. I use that ALOT to recheck data sheets on their various chemicals. catalyst ratios, dry/cure times, etc...

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Not sure what happened to the link, but is this one correct?

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thats it! thanks!