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From original questioner:

I'm trying to find a hard plastic castor for my shop built carts for sheet goods. The ones I have now are from home depot 4". They seem hard to the feel bit once you get any kind of weight on them they seem to be glued to the floor. Any suggestions on a source for 4" easy rolling castors. Thanks

From contributor Bi

I got Castors from Grizzly.
We put a lot of weight on these and they roll well.

We also have 6 wheels. Two casters on each end and and two fixed in the middle slightly higher than the outside. Spins on a dime and moves easily.

From contributor Jo

I would suggest phenolic wheels. I built 5 carts 25+ years ago using 6 x 2 phenolic casters w/roller bearings. They are still going strong today. Each cart will easily hold 2000#. Pushes easy, and doesn't tear up concrete floors like steel casters do. I'm sure you can find several sources online.

From contributor Je

Go to the MSC website and you'll find more casters than you want to. More importantly you'll find information, (like weight ratings, bearing type, and which material to use for what application), that will help you make your choice….unlike anything you get at the box store.

good luck,

From contributor Br

We buy all our casters from Jacob Holtz. I have roughly 50 carts. Some light duty 100 lb casters and large material carts with 800 lb casters. They handle 3,000 lbs all day long. By far the best prices I have found.

From contributor Ke

Look around here,

From contributor Mi

I have probably 30 carts and they all have a 3'' rubber castor from the local flea market that I buy from a little Chinese guy. they work great. I give 2 bucks a piece for them. Maybe worth looking taking a look?