Shopping for a 4mm-Kerf Saw Blade

Suggestions for tooling to cut a 4mm slot for spline joinery. January 12, 2012

Does anyone know of a source for a saw blade with a 4mm kerf? I use biscuits to attach cabinet scribes. Rather than cut individual biscuit slots, I use a continuous 4mm dado the length of the scribe. I currently achieve this with two passes on a 10" table saw, using a blade with an 1/8" kerf. It would be worth it to me to purchase a blade with a 4mm kerf if I could find one. Has anyone seen a 4mm kerf blade or know where I could have one made?

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From contributor L:
Try looking for insert shaper cutters.

From contributor P:
Or make up some spline material that's 1/8" thick. If you want to stay with the biscuits, what about cutting the groove with a slot cutter in a router? If a 4mm isn't available, a 3/16" could be ground to the desired dimension.

From contributor F:
Try FS tool, they're called grooving blades. I have one for doing 1/4" grooves and it's so much better than making two passes. If they don't have 4mm in stock they should be able to make it up for you.

From contributor E:
I just happened to look at my glue line rip blade from Kanefusa and it just happens to have a 4 mm kerf. It is a 12" blade with a 1" arbor if that fits your saw.

From the original questioner:
I'll try Kanefusa. If that doesn't work I'll look into a custom blade.