Should You Run a Compressor in Unconditioned Space?

Compressors may suffer if operated in winter cold or summer heat. February 19, 2013

Does anyone keep their compressor in an unconditioned space? It would be kept out of the weather, but would be subjected to New England temps in winter and summer. Now it's in a small closet, which seems to get pretty warm.

Forum Responses
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From contributor J:
My compressor, phase converter and air drier are all in an 8 x 8 room that is insulated but with no heat or air. The room gets damn hot in the summer and stays warm in the winter. It has been this way for 2 1/2 years and we have had no problems. We only run the phase converter when we need it, but the drier and compressor run all the time.

From contributor F:
How often do you have to go out and feed the squirrels?

From contributor R:
Way better conditions in the summer versus the winter. Condensation in the tank is going to freeze, and oil in the pump is going to be really thick when it goes below 0. In the summer, what happens when it is raining? Inlet air to the pump will be pulling 100% humidity air. Keep it inside.

From contributor S:
Given the investment and value to the business if disrupted, I would think staying somewhere within the range of manufacturer specs would be prudent. Provide the appropriate ventilation/insulation/or circulation.

From contributor L:
We needed a place to put our vacuum pump. Built a "temporary" shed several years ago and put it in there. Shed has a large auto shuttered fan on the back wall that runs when the pump runs in warm weather. Shed has an electric heater that keeps it warm enough for the pump oil, in the winter, overnight. During the day when the pump is running in the winter, we recirculate air between the shed and the shop, capturing the heat generated by the 40hp motor. Try to maintain reasonable operating and starting conditions or you will likely pay for it later.