Sixty-Inch Versus Seventy-Five-Inch Widebelt Sander Belts

Longer belts stay cooler and last longer than shorter belts, as you would expect. October 19, 2014

I am considering a widebelt sander to replace the double drum in my shop and I am wondering if there is any appreciable difference between the 60 inch long and 75 inch long belts in normal use?

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From Contributor H:
There isn't much difference between a 60" and 75" inch belt. The first difference is the difference in price of the belts and the availability. I do know from experience that a longer belt will last longer than a shorter one. There is more belt there and the work is spread out more. It also gives the belt time to cool down and there is less buildup on the belt. This will give you a longer life.

From Contributor W:
Longer belts do have an advantage, just in surface area alone. More grains to do the work. Less heat is also true. It's not too hard to get either length, although I would give the advantage to the 75" length in the 37" and wider widths. What kind of work do you do and what types of sanders are you looking at?