Slat Walls -What To Charge


From original questioner:

I need to install 16 8'x6' slat walls, half of them on a concrete wall and the other half on drywall. The problem is it is my first time doing this task and I don't know what to charge. I'll appreciate any suggestions, Thank you.

From contributor Dr

one million dollars!

From contributor Ge

Thank you Mr. Evil. With this job I'll be able to retire and I'll be sure to give you a share for giving me this idea.
But seriously can anyone give me a clue as to what would be a reasonable range for the installation? I want to keep the job and not waste this market opportunity.

From contributor ja

unfortunantly i had to lose a bit of money here and there to find worth and value, hanging sixteen sheets of slatwall is not to difficult as long as methods are acceptable to the end user, i will be surprised if you get 20-30 a sheet, once we did a really large store, hundreeds of sheets (big sporting goods) the GC, owner and i were standing in the middle of the bog box and the GC started bitchin about how lousy it looked as it had seams,, the owner of the store chimed in and told the GC what you sayin "if i can see those seams i am out of business, i could care less about thos seams,, he then told the GC to pay me and thanked me for a job well done.

From contributor Ri

Will the slat walls have metal inserts in the grooves? You are going to be fastening to the extremes for strength. The drywall is probably on steel studs, (reads no strength at all) and concrete (reads snapping off tapcon screws). Make sure they specify how it is to be fastened to both, and get that in writing. That way if the screws pull out of the steel studs, they will carry the most responsibility. You will probably have to use some kind of construction adhesive behind the sheet. If you have to carry the sheets in, add that time. Otherwise I would figure 1 hour per sheet. Hope the sheets are flat for you. If improperly stored, they tend to bow.

From contributor Ge

Thank you for your attention, indeed I am using aluminum inserts (eight panels out of the 16). For the concrete walls I was thinking about using plywood or 2x4 to fir them. On the drywall side there are metal studs. Also, I'm going to use PL 400. And about the screw count one side is for clothing and the other side for TVs. I'm not sure if I can reduce the count anymore than the 24 screws suggested. I was guessing some $80 to $120 for each 8 but it seems to be like asking for the million dollars suggested (too much).Thank you guys for writing back.