Sliding Table Saw Hold-Down Options

Advice on shopping for after-market air clamps or similar clamping systems for a sliding table saw.

I am trying to find a hold-down clamp system for my Casolin Astra SE 400 sliding table saw. It seems like there must be an affordable, third-party system available - or one from another manufacturer that'll fit. Yes, I can make my own with cam clamps, etc. but I'd like a heavy-duty one like this too.

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From contributor C:
My SCMI Slider came with a cam clamp. I cut it off and put on a Bimba cylinder with an air toggle switch. It was the best thing Iíve done in twenty two years on that saw. It has a 150LB pressure clamp that goes down with the flick of a finger. I haven't had a kick back or an unscored cut with it. After you put an air clamp on you'll wonder how you made it without it.

Max Neu
From contributor X:
I agree with the air clamp idea. I am going to buy a new Martin saw and that is an upgrade. I am tired of walking around to clamp the manual one on my other slider. Plus,I don't think you will have to adjust it as much for material thickness as you do for a manual clamp.

From Contributor K:

I bought one from Felder and itís a nice unit. I'm making my own t-nut since I'm putting it on an Altendorf and the Felder's slot is a different size.

From contributor U:
The only caution I would give on the Felder (I have two) is the base. Mine had a small round base for the clamp (ordered separately). That really isn't big and heavy enough. You want a stout base with a fair amount of contact area or the clamp will cant away from the fence when tightened. You just need to watch that the stock isn't pushed away if that happens.