Soft-Closing Hardware for an Operating Bar Top

Advice on hardware that can lift and support a bar-top gate that has to open and close. November 5, 2013

I have installed a counter in a coat-check area of a local nightclub. The owners have asked me to put a soft closer and stay on the counter flap that allows the employees access to the coat check. This is a 30" x 30" double thickness ply-panel, hinged on soss hinges to an adjacent section of counter. Ideally I need the counter to have a fixed open position, and more important, that the counter flap will never slam closed. Right now, the flap leans against one of the side walls in its open position. Are my only options to adapt a standard hydraulic door-closer? Or is there a purpose made stay/closer for this application?

Any suggestions gratefully received. I put four of the blumotion hinge dampers into the edge of the counter, between the hinges, and they had practically no effect on the heavy flap...

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From contributor G:
I ended up finding a good auto-locking hydraulic for this application, installed it in the center with 1" screws, heavier screws than what came with the unit. In time screws worked loose (stripped out of the 9 ply plywood base) and the one unit proved a little erratic in its soft close speed. Later installed 2 units balanced underneath, which worked better. Flap was heavy and used a lot. My experience left me pondering an attractive and smooth way to bolt the unit/units on. There is a lot of torque and wiggle on the wood screws. The flap was connected to the cabinet (bar) with a piano hinge. This heavy flap falling is dangerous, and any application should be sure to eliminate this danger.

From contributor J:
Counter Balance Corp. can help.

From contributor W:
I used a couple of trunk lift supports from our local auto parts store - worked real good.