Software for Making MDF Doors on a CNC

A shop owner gets a few suggestions for door fabricating software to go with his new CNC. April 18, 2015

I have just purchased a CNC and expect delivery in about six weeks. Iím interested in making MDF doors but I donít really know where to start regarding tooling and software. Can someone recommend a software package that will create MDF doors with square corners? Can someone recommend a tooling supplier?

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From Contributor W:
I believe Moziak has an MDF door setup, some others may as well.

From contributor Y:
We have done quite a bit of MDF Door programming using EZ-WinDoor.

From contributor R:
I have spent a lot of time developing doors with different companies and using a variety of software. I would recommend DoorMaster - it's very easy to use and powerful.

From contributor K:
Router-CIM has over 40 different parametric MDF door macros and reads a cutlist from Excel spread sheet or CSV files. It does the square corners and has advanced nesting features like staydown and commonline as well as two sided nesting. It is also integrated inside of AutoCAD so itís easy to use and you can edit the nest results.

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From contributor A:
We have quite a few door manufacturing businesses running with DoorMaster. It is a very user friendly package that is easy to use and change door styles. It is also fully parametric, it can then output to its own EzyNest software or a third-party software such as EnRoute, etc.