Solid Color Finish For Cabinets


From original questioner:

What products are you using to finish solid color cabinets? I have a job that gets a bright yellow color over soft maple and would like some suggestions. Please give brand and product.

From contributor Bi

Gemini pre-cat lacquer, tinted to your specification. Personally, I'd have the undercoater tinted as well. If you have experience with cv, that is an even better option, albeit somewhat more expensive.

From contributor Le

MLC Stealth. Catalyzed, thinned 25% with 10% Flow Enhancer #2, 15% Reducer. Nice feeling finish that is durable.

Do a box coat.

From contributor Bi

OK, I'm gonna show my ignorance. What's a box coat?

From contributor Le

Spraying in one direction and then perpendicular to it right after.

This is a 3 pass box coat, I do a 2 pass

From contributor Bi

Thanks. I use that technique, but never knew what it was called.

From contributor Ro

I like the fact that his mask is resting on a hook behind him!

From contributor Je

Same as Leo, MLC Stealth tinted to just about any color in the rainbow. Finish guy will help you with primer as it will depend on final color.

good luck,

From contributor Da

If you have a beard then you must use a positive feed fresh air supplied respirator. The beard prevents a proper seal from a conventional half-mask negative feed respirator.

From contributor Gr

Thanks for the responses. I didn't say the products I am using and have used just to see what others are using. I used Gemini tinted vinyl sealer topped with CV until I was given a distributor that wasn't knowledgeable of their products and charged a small fortune. Next was Sherwin-Williams. A different catalyst and thinner/retarder for each product. My mixing room looks like a chemistry lab! I will contact MLC. Thanks again!