Sources for Panel Handling Carts

Several companies make competing hand carts for moving and lifting panels in the shop. December 2, 2010

What is the company that makes panel carts that can lay flat or be tipped up? I can't find them on the web.

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From contributor J:

From the original questioner:
Not Hafele.

From contributor O:
Shopcart out of Topeka Kansas. Hafele's is a copy out of China. Shopcart is made in the USA. I have one and it has served me well for the last six years.

From contributor M:
My Hafefe saved me some money and is now 5 years old, no problems.

From contributor P:
I've got a Shopcart and couldn't work without it. The Hafele's okay and much cheaper, but not in the same league build-wise. Shopcart's bracing that keeps the mechanism centered when lifting is worth the difference in price alone. Highly recommended!

From contributor R:
There is a third one, Panelmate from the UK. Haven't seen one in person, but it's a great design.

From the original questioner:
That's it - Panelcart is the one I was looking for. Thanks.