Sourcing a Flat Belt Flywheel Pulley for a Shaper

Info about shaper pulleys that allow the belt to travel along the pulley cylinder. January 3, 2014

I am looking for a special pulley that is sometimes seen on shaper motors. It is a cylinder made out of aluminum and is maybe eight inches diameter by six inches tall, about the shape of a metal coffee can. It's different than a V-shape pulley in that the belt slips up and down on the cylinder to find proper alignment. Does anyone know what these are called or where to get them?

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From contributor W:
If you're looking for a motor pulley for a Delta Light Duty Shaper, Grizzly has one that will work.

From Contributor D:
What you are looking for is called a flywheel/pulley.

From contributor C:
Why do some shapers have this kind of pulley and some just have the regular v-shaped kind?

From Contributor D:
Some shapers the motor moves with the spindle, keeping the belt aligned. On others the motor is stationary so the fly wheel allows for spindle travel.

From Contributor D:
In addition, some shapers have a long pulley on the end of the spindle to allow the belt to travel up and down with the spindle. The pulley may only be 2-3" diameter but 4 or 5" long.