Spray-Can Lacquer Finish

A craftsman shows off his wall unit, finished with lacquer from spray cans. Down side: it took 50 cans. October 2, 2005

Just wanted to show you my finished wall unit. It was built with cherry wood and MDF. A while ago, I asked about spraying lacquer, etc. I decided that I didn't want to mix Japan colors and cut with thinner. This unit was totally sprayed with 12 oz premixed colored lacquer from architectural.net (easy on). It took 50 cans. I did 4 coats and sanded in between with 400 paper. I used mahogany red and mahogany brown. I did matching trim on top and bottom and going around the room (after this photo was taken).

My next project, I'll mix the lacquer, unless you know of a place I can order premixed colored lacquer for a hvlp spray gun!

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Here is a newer picture with the new hdtv.

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Forum Responses
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From contributor G:
Any distributor will tint lacquer to any color you want. Some will even put it in spray cans for you, but at about $10/can, it has to be the most expensive way to finish that I can think of. Didn't your finger get tired?

From contributor R:
Can a WB lacquer like Fuhr 375 be tinted in the same manner?

From the original questioner:
Yes, very tired... but a nice solution for people without a compressor and gun.

From contributor G:
As far as I know, no WB can be put into spray cans because of the solvent propellant. It makes silly string. However, my knowledge is not current; there may have been advances that I don't know about.

But you didn't ask about putting it in spray cans… Of course, WB lacquers can be tinted.

From contributor T:
Krylon now makes waterbase in spray cans. Saw the product at ACE hardware last week. Haven't tried it.

From contributor G:
So they do. I looked it up at www.krylon.com. Doubt that it comes in custom colors, though. By the way, the wall unit looks pretty fine.