Spray Booth Shutdown


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We have three open face booths and a make up air the takes care of heating the room. I am looking for a way to have the booths shut off when the operators quit spraying after a short amount of time. So lets say they stop spraying to move product in and out of the booth it will keep running. But if they get pulled away for some reason the booth will automatically shut off after maybe 3-5 mins.

The problem I am having is they have as many as 3 spray guns hanging on the front of the booth and I can not come up with a plan on how to control it with more then one gun. Setting it for one gun is pretty straight forward but for 3 is taxing my ability. If you have set something up like this before please pass along any wisdom you are willing to share.
Thank you

From contributor ch

there should be a way to install a time delay relay on the control panel.

From contributor jo

Motion sensor?

From contributor Kn

yes we would use a time delay but how to trigger it is what I am having a problem with.


From contributor Kn

I did think about a motion sensor at first but thought it would pick up movent outside the both. But now thinking about it again If I put it at the top of the both pointing in that might do the trick. I am going to dig in to that a little more

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From contributor Br

I know you can get a gun hanger that has a shut on off built into it. When you pick the gun up the booth turns on. When you put the gun back on the hanger the booth shuts down. I'm sure you could have your electrician put a delay on the shut down so the booth will run a short while longer.
Here is the link

From contributor Kn

Thanks for all the help.
I am going to pursue the motion detector that Jonathan recommended as that will solve my 3 spray gun problem.

thanks again for the quick responses

From contributor Le

Pressure drop detector. When you are using the gun there will be a pressure drop in the system. When you stop the pressure will normalize.

So when the pressure is normalized for 3-5 minutes the fans should shut down.

From contributor he

gun hook switch is the way to go, when the gun is hungon the switch, the switch tells the drive to cut the speed of the motor or completely off

From contributor Ch

Iím sitting here with my Air Power Rep. and Iím trying to do the motion sensor thing in my 3 booths (knowing Iím spraying right outside the booths (open face booths) and looking for recommendations. I could do the online piece and the agitator piece, but itís pretty expensive, but itís the last item for me to do out of the 10 that my insurance people asked of me.