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One pass or two? June 18, 2010

I used to do my own finishing but as we have grown we have trained a finisher. We have two different spray techniques - which is right?

1. Spray parts moving quickly with the grain and then again right away cross the grain.

2. Slower leaving a wet coat as you go and only going over surface once.

Both methods leave approximately 3 mil on the surface when dry and spray with Kremilin air assist and pump (1014). Iím asking about top coats only spraying ML Cambell Krystal and Zenith water base from Valspar. What do you guys do?

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From contributor A:
0/90 spraying is utilized to completely avoid lap marks and provide complete coverage in one application. If the product is small enough to maintain a wet edge it is the correct way to spray. If the product is large like a boat hull or automobile then it is impossible to maintain a wet edge while you switch directions. In that case it becomes a skill to change the location of your laps on the second coat.

From contributor J:
I've tried both ways, spraying furniture and painting cars. I don't find much difference either way. I do think there's less chance of fish eyes when spraying the first coat lightly.

From contributor W:
It takes time to master how to do the right spray technique. Every gun need a little adjustment that may different with others. But the main principle is about the same, to get the wet coat without become too wet. I prefer to spray slowly along the grain instead of fast spray.