Spray Tip Sizes and Pre-Catalyzed Lacquers

Finishers discuss the uses of different tip sizes, and whether or not to thin lacquers when applying them. October 28, 2005

I am trying to spray a bar with my new Fineck Gravity Flow Gun. I am using Magnalac precatalyzed lacquer C144 14 Satin 35 with tips 1.3, and I also tried 1.5. I am not getting enough spray out of either tip. I considered taking the filter out does anyone have any suggestions?

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From contributor A:
If Magnalac has the same viscosity as Magnamax (30 sec Ford #4 at 77F) then you would need to use a 1.7 mm tip and thin it with 1-1/2 oz of standard thinner. I usually don't thin my Magnamax at all and I get good results.

From contributor B:
Before you buy a new tip, try taking the fluid filter out of the gun if it has one. You can lose a lot of flow. Use a cone strainer when you fill the cup.

From contributor C:
Im in the process of buying a few new guns and want to know which tips to use for what? I was told to buy a 1.3 for Magnalac, and a 1.8 for Campbell UltraStar. Is this true or should I just buy 1.7 for everything?

From contributor A:
To contributor C: You probably will have troubles with just one tip. I have three tips, and I wish I had one more for primers. I have a 1.5 mm, 1.7 mm and 1.9 mm. I also wish that I had a 2.2 mm for my Magnaclaw primer. I haven't used the 1.5 mm tip that came with my gun in awhile. I usually use my 1.7 mm for Magnamax clears and the 1.9 mm for Magnamax opaques. I don't use any thinners with the clears. But with the opaques, I have to thin 20-30% to get a good flow out of the gun and on the surfaces I am spraying.

From contributor D:
I am just starting to spray Magnamax and with my gravity gun. I have found the 1.8 tip seems to work pretty well. The 1.5 just didnt have the flow. I almost put the 2.2 in but the 1.8 is working well.

From contributor E:
Quite simply, if the Magnalac isn't coming out fast enough, you need to thin it. If it comes out too slowly you will either get orange peel or a rough dusty finish. Thin it with lacquer thinner a little bit at a time until it lies like glass. I am only experienced with it on a gravity cup gun, but I use it all the time with Magnalac. I find that thinning it makes it come out quicker and the passes are faster and more even. I use a 1.8 tip.