Spraygun Choice for Applying Primer

Pros recommend a pressure-pot system over an air-assisted airless setup if all you're doing is applying primer. February 15, 2015

I sub all my painting to one contractor in NYC but do all my own priming. I was using a bin shellac and sometimes oil base primer but recently I've being using Cambellís pre-cat lacquer and I'm really happy with coverage from it. My problem is I'm using a gravity feed HVLP gun and constant filling is slow. I received an email from Cat Technologies advertising there new pump system but I'm wondering if I should get a Kremlin. Instead theyíre $1200 more than cat. All posts say Kremlin is best but I have seen a few complaining about issues.

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From contributor B:
If you have a decent air compressor why not just get a pressure feed HVLP gun and a 2 1/2 gallon pot? Itís a lot less expensive and you don't need to learn a new system.

From contributor O:
I've had and used both and I honestly like the Kremlin better. I think the gun is a little more reliable but the pumps themselves are very close in quality. I actually used a cat pump with a Kremlin gun for almost a year with no complaints.

From contributor T:
We have two here at the shop, purchased before my arrival. They are awesome when they are working correctly and a nightmare when they want to be. Not a good gun if you spray in three dimensions. If you spray everything flat, it's bulletproof. One huge downside is the outrageous prices for gaskets and the like. There is not an open market for these things so enjoy your BOHICA moment. Don't like the 09-094 tip that is standard issue? You can always add new sizes at $92-98 a pop. Tip gaskets are $36 for a pack of ten. I agree with Contributor B, especially as you are only doing basecoat prime. The Kremlin is overkill.

From contributor N:
I'm with Contributor B and Contributor T as well. A new top of the line Binks/Devilbiss two gallon pot and production gun can be had for 1/3 the cost of the new Kremlin 10:18 and as little as 1/10 if you're a savvy buyer.

From contributor C:
I buy my tips and seals from finish systems - basically half price of Kremlin.

From the original questioner:
Thanks so much for all the great replies. I'm off to buy a two gallon pressure pot.

From contributor M:
I agree with Contributor B. If you are simply shooting primer a pressure HVLP system would be ideal and less expensive.