Spraying Face Frames

Quick hints on spraygun handling techniques to achieve an even coating on face frames. March 29, 2008

When spraying a cabinet with a face frame, do you ever turn your spray gun on its side and spray up and down? I have always sprayed from left to right. When I have tried to spray up and down, I overlap on the corners, which causes runs.

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From contributor G:
Are you spraying vertically?

From the original questioner:
The tip of the gun is set vertical. I am spraying horizontal.

From contributor A:
Yes, we either turn the cap 90 degrees when using gravity guns, or turn the wrist 90 degrees when using pressure pots. One method of minimizing double coverage at corners or intersections of face frames is to roll the gun as you approach the problem spot. I usually spray the horizontals first. When spraying the verticals, I start at the bottom and as I approach the top, I lean the gun back towards me, changing the spray angle from perpendicular to parallel with a clean wrist movement.

From contributor G:
Try this... Have your face frame flat on a turntable with extensions to support it. Spray the outside edges first, then the insides and faces by starting spraying from the middle of the far stile (or rail). Put the gun about ¾ of the way to the left and move it at spraying speed toward the right. At the halfway point, trigger the gun and spray until you approach the corner, then angle the fan slightly so that when you reach the corner, you stop spraying with the fan at a 45° - like a miter. Reverse the process for the left side, starting the trigger as you approach the middle and angle the fan at the corner. Spin the frame a quarter turn and repeat. Takes a bit of practice, but after you get it down, you’ll find lots of uses for the technique.