Spraying Whites


From original questioner:

i have been spraying more whites lately. using a gravity gun,,ug.
not sure if I should use my Sata AAA for whites. concerned with the white contaminating when I switch to clear.
do you guys have a seperate setup? or Am I being silly?
I just dont want issues later with crud in my clears.
I'm spraying clawlock and resistant.

From contributor Br

We use separate pumps for clears and pigments. Before we had multiple pumps I used the same one for everything. Going from white to clear and back is not bad. Other colors like reds are a pain. Take all your filters out of your pump and your gun if it has them. I like to use separate filters for clears and pigments as they are the hardest parts of a pump to clean. make sure you run thinner through your lines and let it sit for 20 min or so. Then run a brand new batch of thinner through your lines spraying that into the original old thinner pail. Always use new thinner right before spraying.
You may also have to run 5 or 10 ounces of new paint through the lines before spraying to make sure there is no color difference.