Squaring Up a CNC Machine

Here's a step-by-step method for re-calibrating a CNC router that is slightly out of square along one axis. July 18, 2013

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to square up a Multi-Cam 7000 machine? It is 1/16 out.

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From contributor L:
On your Y axis you have two drives servos. It sounds like they are out of sync. I would Google how to sync Y-A axis on your CNC. This would be done in the controller. I know this is a bit vague but it might get you where you need to be.

From contributor M:
Letís check first to see if the X is out of square. The easy way to check is:

1. Hard home your machine: Shift and green 0,0 key.

2. After it homes out take your hand and place it anywhere on the gantry.

3. Hit the E-stop. If the gantry kicks/jumps then X is out of square and we will move on to the next step of squaring the X-axis.

Next step: Remove the side covers that are covering the X-axis motors. The gantry is mounted to the uprights by four bolts. Note that the bolts that are used to mount the servos in place are actually going up into the gantry. You want to loosen these bolts until they are finger tight. There should be eight bolts.

Next, hard home the machine again. Now that you have loosen these bolts the gantry can pivot and allow the limit switches to hit the target withiní their spec .002 of each other. Take one bolt either side of the machine (it does not matter), tighten, and move the diagonal opposite bolt and tighten.

Example: Left front and Right Rear. Next move the gantry back a little, and hard home again, this time pick the diagonal opposites of what you just tighten the first time. Move the gantry back one more time, and hard home one more time, tighten the remaining bolts that are still loose. This should align the gantries XA/XB sides. If you are still out you may need to adjust for squareness in the flash, but try this first.