Stain Recoat


From original questioner:

Built a kitchen island out of soft maple to match existing cabinets. Had Sherwin-Williams mix stain to match cabinets. The match looked good to customer at store so they ok it it.I put one coat of stain on and it is way to light,needs to be darkened. My question is can I stain over my first coat of stain with the new mix of stain or will I have to sand the whole thing.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

From contributor Sc

If it is the same manufacturer, I would just stain right over top of it. Is it a wiping stain?Try a scrap piece first. It will most likely turn out the way you want it.
There is a chance that the darker stain over the first stain may make it darker than you want. The first stain may act like a toner.