Staining Para Wood


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Has any one done any staining on para wood? I have a table and chairs to finish for a customer. Just wondering if it is prone to blotching. I will run some test on the underside of the table but was wondering if any one has worked with it. And could give me any insight. Thanks.......nicko

From contributor Pa


I've worked with rubberwood (aka, parawood) quite a bit and like it. It is moderately prone to blotching and your sanding technique has to be very good. I'd recommend a final pass with a hand sanding pad in the direction of the grain using fresh 150 or 180 grit just before staining.

Test the stain you plan to use to see how it performs. Make sure to include an area that has the "fuzzy" fibers on the surface since that's he worst offender. Some stains color the wood a LOT more evenly than others and you may be able to get away with just a stain (especially if it's a spray stain). If blotching is a problem with the stain you choose, start by dying the wood, then use a wash coat before staining, and lastly glaze and/or tone to get the final color and depth you want.

Applying the entire finish schedule you plan to use on the underside of the table or chairs is a good idea. The larger the sample area, the better.

Parawood has a lot of open pores somewhere between oak and walnut.... decide before starting whether you want an open pore, semi-filled, or full-filled finish and choose the coating that will give you the result you want.

From contributor Ni

Thanks for the detailed response.
I'm hoping to do it with a sealer then a good stain like Mohawk or sherwin williams cab. And then top coat with cv.