Stainless Steel To MDF


From original questioner:

We need to inlay stainless steel in MDF doors. What is the best glue for this application?

From contributor CR

LUMINORE. Stainless steel moves a lot it will work its way loose eventualy.Luminore is a spray on metal and will adhere permanately to your substrate.Its cheeper also.

From contributor Ia

This is quite speculative - but polyurethane is often recommended for metal to wood bonds. Like Cris I'd be very cautious that the difference in rates of expansion would cause not the bond but a relatively weak substrate like MDF to fail.

Another strategy might be to use a relatively flexible adhesive like a silicone, with some sort of spacers between the parts to create a fairly thick bond line.

Without testing and/or similar experience that sounds risky to me too - for sure it'd stick, but holding up long term might be another matter. There's potential for some issues given the acid put out by the curing silicone too.

Much like my own question about PUs information in principle about adhesives is one thing, but knowing whether or not a specific joint will hold up is another...