Stamped Versus Cast Brass Furniture Hardware

General comments on the difference between cast and stamped brass hardware. February 26, 2007

Regarding brass hardware for furniture, what is the difference between stamped brass and cast brass? More to the point, I'm specifying some rosette bail drawer pulls for a period project. What qualities in the hardware should I look for if I am looking for top end or bottom end? Is cast better than stamped, etc? Also, does anybody know any good suppliers of quality brass rosette drawer pulls? I'm looking at Londonberry Brasses and Whitechapel now. Are there any others I should check out?

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From contributor H:
They are what their names state. Stamped is just that - stamped from a larger piece of mental sheet. Cast is poured (cast) liquid metal into a shaped mould. Both have their place and are equally suited for many of the same functions.

From contributor D:
Sand cast brasses are much heavier and sturdier, and more expensive, since they do involve a lot of hand work. Stamped brasses are fine for inexpensive pieces, cast is better for fine period pieces and high end work. I buy from Horton Brasses (always have pieces in stock) and Ball and Ball (large selection, but sometimes you have to wait for your order to be made).