Standards for Shop Drawings

Pros share advice on the content and level of detail expected in shop drawings for a project proposal. June 19, 2005

I would like to get some feedback on a subject that has come up recently about shop drawings.
I submitted drawings for a particular job a short time ago, and was told that they were not acceptable. I am using CV for my drawings.

If a customer requests shop drawings along with a quote, would that mean a drawing of every cabinet that is to be built, or just the elevations for all on that wall? I thought I knew what a shop drawing was, but maybe I'm wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

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From contributor E:
Contrary to what is sometimes assumed, the real purpose of shop drawings is to protect you. You should include sufficient plan views, elevations, cuts, details and dimensions that, once signed off, you're covered against no-cost changes.

From contributor R:
I wouldn't do a set of shop drawings for a quote. You quote from the architect's prints, then when pricing has been accepted, and only then, do you commit the time for a comprehensive set of shop or construction drawings.

From the original questioner:

Contributor R: The point you have made about not doing a full set of drawings for a quote is exactly why I had asked the question in the first place. CV is cumbersome at best to do shop drawings from.