Stave-Core Door Skin Thickness?

Quick tips on applying and planing down the veneer skin on a stave-core door. October 11, 2007

I am going to give it a go making an entry door using a different method. I will build up a core with white pine (butcher block style) and then use some of my quartersawn white oak as a skin. What is the maximum thickness I can go with? And what glue would be recommended?

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From contributor L:
On an exterior door, I glue up a stave core, plane down to 1 1/4, glue on 3/8 skins, send it through our moulder. It takes 1/8 off each side, and out it comes at 1 3/4. In my perfect world I'd like to see the same species stave core as the skins. Glue is Titebond 2. Pretty labor intensive but makes a strong door. 2 1/4 door, the stave core would be 1 3/4. When the skins come out of the moulder, they are at 1/4 inch.

From contributor B:
Same as contributor L, but on entry doors I use West System epoxy for all glue ups and stave core the same species as the veneer.