Storing Finished Cabinet Doors


From original questioner:

I have a set of cabinets finished that the customer is not ready for. As of now I have the doors (five piece natural cherry, raised panel) stacked flat in groups of five or so. The shop stays at 55 degrees with hot water hear in the floor. This is the first time I have had to store finished doors for any long period of time. Looks like this could take a couple of months. Is there something I should be doing differently to make sure that I avoid problems? Thanks

From contributor Le

How about hang them on the cabinets. That will keep both sides exposed to the atmosphere keeping the exposure equal.

From contributor Ha

I had thought about that, my concern was something bumping into them in the shop and ease of shipping. But I think as this drags longer I will probably do that. Thanks

From contributor ri

I learned years ago to not flat stack panels. Air will get to one face of the outside panels, not to the inside face. It will warp. Sticker if you have to, but get air all around it. Makes me nervous to think about them stored at that temp for that long.

From contributor Le

Temperature has little to do with the wood. The finish possibly. Keep the humidity at a normal indoor level and things should be fine. 40-50% should work. It's harder to keep those levels with lower temps.

From contributor Ge

Most homes and offices today are at about 30-35% RH. So, store the cabinets at that humidity. As mentioned, temperature is not a factor. Remember, 30% RH = 6% MC. 50% RH = 9% MC. A three percent MC change can easily cause problems, especially if it is rapid.

What is the wood's MC? If under 7.0% MC, then you can wrap the entire pile in plastic forming a small room. Moisture cannot leave or enter (unless the floor has moisture) so you store the for months in this wrap.

From contributor Ha

I did decide to install all the doors. The humidity in the shop had been staying in the high thirties. The last two nights here it has been -13 degrees outside and the humidity has dropped to around 32. Hoping this won't bother anything too badly. I expect the humidity to get back into the higher thirties as we get away from these ridiculously cold nights.