Surell Countertop


From original questioner:

have to make a surell countertop for a kitchen. the top is in a big L shape. should I make the seam at a 45 degree or just butt it.
We have had some problems with another top curling up because people put a hot pot on it. Is there other products that will handle heat better? Is there any way to stop a top from warping like that?

From contributor Na

There are a variety of ways you can approach this seam but a butt joint is not recommended. A 45 degree miter is acceptable but costly because of the added material requirements. A miter seam would be desirable mainly if the color had very pronounced directionality. Are you a certified fabricator for any of the major material lines? If so, you should have access to technical fabrication guidelines that explain the various options available depending on your specific application | needs. Good luck!

From contributor sh

no I am not a certified fabricator and I am not getting paid for this. We have put a few tops together over the years but this will be the most difficult. In light of that am looking for all the info I can get.

From contributor Na

shoptech - if you can send me the basic layout of the countertop we can provide you guidance on how to approach. Feel free to email what information you have to me at Give me the brand and color too if available.

From contributor Bo

Have you considered the possibility of installing a granite countertop?