Systems for Filling Glue Bottles

When you use a lot of glue, it's nice to have a system for dispensing it. Here are some suggestions. June 12, 2013

Does anyone know if someone makes a spigot for a 5 gallon bucket of glue to make filling up bottles easier. Right now I just roll the bucket on its side and fill the bottles that way so I am just looking for a better way.

Forum Responses
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From contributor U:
Suppliers for bee keeping offer 5 gallons buckets with spigots, or you can buy the valves individually. I find honey to be thicker than the woodglue we use at our shop, but it seems that the sideways action of the valve would work fine with the glue.

From contributor F:
There is an old saying, if it isn't broken then there is no need to repair it. I use a similar method. I lay the bulk of the jug on the edge of my bench and tip instead of rolling, it is quick, like rolling I can control the flow, rarely spill so much as a drop and there is nothing to clean up afterwards and it costs nothing. What could be better?

From contributor K:
I like the spigot idea, but perhaps just filling a one gal jug to pour out of would do in the interim. Of course, I find that pouring from a one gal jug to be a hassle at times.

From contributor D:
We fill from 55 gal drums. Drum sits on its side, opening at the lowest point, with an L-shaped length of pvc pipe and fittings long enough so the tip is higher than the top of the barrel edge. We put a cap on top. To empty into a jug, just rotate the L down to increase flow, and rotate up to decrease or stop the flow. This works better than various spigots we've tried, as the glue gets dried up and the valve operation gets fouled up.

From contributor G:
Can't you just put spout up with the 5 gallon bucket tilted so that you can control the flow better?

From contributor O:
I use a cart that holds a 5 gallon bucket that tips. It works well, especially if you drill a hole in the other side of the lid and plug it when not pouring. You could build one easy. The Pizzi glue tanks are so convenient we don't use bottles any more.

From contributor B:
Contributor O - how many guys can you feed off the Pizzi system and how far from the pot can they be?

From contributor O:
We run two hoses off each pot. The fitting allows for three hoses. Looks like an extra hole in the top that will take another three way fitting. There is probably a limit to how many you can use at once. Our longest hose is about 10' plus. I don't see why they couldn't be longer either. It is a simple setup.