Tablesaw Wont Raise And Lower


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Hey all,

I have a PM 66 and before I had unplanned major stomach surgery 9 weeks ago, it had started to become difficult to raise and lower the blade and now, it won't move at all. It won't turn. I've tried taking an awl across the top of the gear in the picture and also tried spraying WD-49 and no luck. I got a chunk of dried dust out but i cant get any more.



From contributor Bi

Can't really see much from the picture.....but a couple of ideas:

Try to find the schematic for your saw. The trunnion pivots on a rod towards the front of the saw. Either the worm gear or the pivot rod is most likely the issue.

Call Powermatic. I have found them to be very helpful.

From contributor ma

There's a loosened set screw somewhere. Find it, tighten it up, and keep the ways greased next time.

From contributor Mi

No loose set screw. The front wheel won't turn no matter how hard i crank on it

From contributor ri

There are a lot better products out there than WD40. Kroil is about the best you can buy. Cheaper is 50/50 acetone and automatic transmission fluid. Work at the place where the crank handle shaft goes through the casting.

From contributor Pa

Check the trunion and screw mechanism that raise and lower the blade Parts # 16 and #20 on the diagram.

They may have build up on them

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Thanks pat. Prob is, its darn near impossible to see on top of it. Im going to go buy an inspection mirror today to help me see on top of it

From contributor Pa

Can you get a smart phone camera in there?

From contributor La

Take it apart, Clean and lube. When you put it back together you can adjust everything to perfect, nearly.

From contributor Mi

Ok guys, I finally got it! After proding and poking at the worn gear with different tools, spraying WD40 into the shaft where the twist wheel that locks the wheel in place goes and a ton of WD40 in many different areas, and a few light taps pn the front shaft with a hammer and a block of wood, it finally came loose. A tech support guy at PM told me to the best thing to spray on the gears is White Lithium Grease. Ive used that in the past, but I'm concerned the sawdust dried and caked into that grease and that is what contributed to it locking up.

Thanks again everyone!

From contributor St

Blow anything you've got on the trunnion assembly off until it's dry, then use a mixture of parafin (canning wax) melted in mineral spirits. After the mineral spirits evaporate, the wax will lube the moving parts and sawdust doesn't stick to it much. I learned this over at OWWM and have been doing it since.