Takeoff Software For Mouldings


From original questioner:

I've got a custom cabinetry and millwork shop and one of the things that we produce is stand and run wood mouldings.
I am interested in getting a software package that could really help with doing the moulding takeoffs for commercial and residential projects. Can you guys tell me what kind of software is good for figuring stand and run mouldings? I'm looking for software that is very user friendly and that will really speed up the process. Thank you very much for your help.

From contributor Jo

Our millwork estimating software has a pretty good moulding takeoff module in it. It doesn't show up in our videos on our website but I would be happy to show it to you. Just request a demo at the bottom of this page ..

From contributor Pa

Larry, You might revisit OnScreen Takeoff for the solution for this.