Tambour Source Needed For 24" Tall Appliance Garage


From original questioner:

I am looking for a source for a 30"wide x
24" tall tambour door and specifically in a
roll-up format much like the Omega brand
18" tall appliance garage.
It will likely need to be in maple.
This unit will be used in a 12" deep
dining room cabinet and will cover a
pass through from the prep kitchen.
When the unit is open, it cannot obstruct
the opening.
I was hoping someone had used something like this lately?
Best Regards,
Chip Geffre

From contributor Ch

Hafele will have it made for you to your specific needs.

From contributor Da

Unfortunately Häfele supplies a beautiful custom aluminum roller shutter but not a wood shutter.

From contributor D

Your main cabinet hardware supplier

should have it or be able to get it for you.
I make my own tracks for the tambour so usually I buy the tambour in larger pieces and cut it to size .

From contributor Br

I make my own tambour and tracks. Not all that hard to do. You might have to do the same.

From contributor ca

If this tambour rolls up easily it will also come down very fast. I can't remember where we got them but have in the past used a spring tensioned cable that did a a criss-cross in the back of the door track.

You could control the weight of the tambour to where it took no effort to lift it but would not fall down unless you pulled it.

I am looking for something similar to this but needs to live parallel in the door jamb rather than across the back of tambour.

From contributor D

cabmaker, the fit of the tambour in the tracks and the curve creates enough friction to make it so you have to pull it down ,on tall tambours like on a tall T.V. after 1/2 way or so they do come down easily and could slam if you don't know how to use it .A little lesson on smooth operation to the clients is in order .never have had a problem or call back on tambours.
We should do that with quite a few of our products and special hardware .

From contributor ca

D Brown,

You can always train the client to pay attention. You might also be able to train the client's kid but you can never train the client's kid's friends.

Depending on the size and material used those tambour curtains can be really heavy. If you what you have is fairly lightweight and you are not concerned that someone could hurt themselves then no mitigation is needed.

From contributor D

We always give a quick tutor on the proper use of new products , agreed we have no control from that point .We hope the tutor will help . For unique applications and when it works I've made vertical tambours so it takes the weight scenario away and they look and work well .

I will also say that in 35 years we only lost a few clients under the tambour .

best regards