Thickness Adjustment for a Widebelt Sander

Here's how to calibrate the panel thickness readout on an SCM Sandya widebelt. July 29, 2012

I have a 2007 Sandya 3 widebelt sander. It works great except I have an issue with the digital readout. It does not match the finished size of the sanded material. I was wondering if anyone knows what I can adjust or change so that it matches the finished material thickness. It is in inches and I was wondering if it can be changed to mm?

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From contributor H:
Is your sander equipped with the automatic thickness setter? If it is, are you using this and your measurements don't match? Or does your sander only have the push button adjustment and the display is not matching?

From the original questioner:
My sander has the auto set which tells you in the manual how to set it. The problem is my sanders finished measurement doesn't match the readout!

From contributor H:
Check on the back of the machine under the table. I believe it is in the rear right corner of the machine. You will have a lineal transducer mounted that is connected to the machine. The transducer is connected to the table with a ball joint. If it is off by a small amount, you can adjust the position to dial it in at the ball joint. You loosen the lock nut and either screw or unscrew the shaft from the ball joint. If it is off by a bigger distance, you will need to move the whole transducer. You should be able to see where to adjust it.

From the original questioner:
On my machine the cylinder is on the right end when facing the control panel. It is behind the bottom end panel. After removing the panel it is wide open for easy adjustment. After adjusting it is good to go.