Thoughtful Gifts for Clients

Cutting boards or butcher blocks made from shop scraps make a nice gift for a valued customer. March 28, 2010

A few weeks ago I was doing some major cleanup in the shop, and got an idea. I started ripping, gluing, planing, sizing... and when I was done I had enough butcher blocks/cutting boards of various mixed woods for all of my major clients from this past year. I am giving them as Christmas presents, and just an overall token of appreciation for their business. I thought I'd pass this idea along for anyone looking to add another personal touch to doing business with you. Plus I used up a ton of stuff that would have gone in my woodstove. Happy holidays everybody!

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From contributor D:
That's a great way to keep the door open with customers. I have done the same for years making cutting boards, picture frames and small items on my lathe. My wife puts in oranges from our own trees and jams and jellies that she makes. I tease one customer that he always has done at least one job with me for the last 10 years just to get a Christmas gift. I try to deliver them personally and sometimes have to go back to the van to get the clipboard and tape to measure for a new project.