Timesaver Roller Recover


From original questioner:

So I'm at the point where I want to send out the contact roller in my mid 80's 37" Timesaver.
The company that performs this service, sent back a spec sheet inquiring about my desired groove type. the existing drum has angled grooves(appears to e what they refer to as serrate).
Has anyone deviated from the OEM setup in an attempt to improve performance, or am I asking for trouble trying to hotrod this thing?

thoughts or experiences?

From contributor St

If you are using the timesaver to do more heavy sanding and dimensioning, the serated wheel is your best option. The grooves help to keep everything running cooler and helps the abrasive bite a little better. If you are using the machine for high finish only (320 grit and finer), then you might consider a smooth roller. I think you could have a conversation with the company doing the recover for you and they can explain the features and benefits of each configuration, as well as the softness/hardness of the wheel (durometer).