Touch Activated Slide


From original questioner:

Looking for input on a touch option for some drawers behind fluted columns (for wine glasses).

Have a customer wanting to incorporate a hidden roll-out behind fluted columns in large buil-in. I have been looking at grass, blum, and even accuride.

Im not at the point where Im sure whether they will accept a mechanical option where the hardware has to be re-set (blum inexpensive option like an old touch latch) or they want the juicy full in-full out servo option.

Figured many here have been down this road and can save me some headache.

The bonus is there arent a lot of these in the unit so it may make a pricey option a bit more acceptable.


From contributor Le

Blum tipon should work for a push to open

From contributor Ma

Thanks Leo.

My only thing with the tip-on is the manual re-set. I realize its a cost vs. luxury thing but Im not sure they would want to have to shove the drawer back in to latch/reset the tip on.

Im going to present it as an option for sure.

From contributor Le

The other option is the servo, and I'll bet that would add $200-300 per drawer. Maybe that might convince them a little push is OK

From contributor sc

I think King slide offers a push to open with a soft close mechanism.