Touching Up Runs and Drips

Two words: razor blade. March 12, 2015

I think I know my answer but want to throw it out there. I have a run-in conversion varnish Chemcraft 24. I want to knock down the run without burning into the stain. I am looking at the obvious – should I re-sand and stain? This is on a euro style mantel already in the field, meaning a flat 4" wide face with no profile.

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From contributor S:
Before I reached for the sandpaper, I'd try scraping off the worst of the run with a razor blade. You're less likely to cut into the stain layer that way. Then, lightly scuff the surface and re-spray.

From the original questioner:
Contributor S has it right. Razor blades are the finisher’s friend. Bow them a little and you can work on a very small area.

From Contributor M:
Razor blade, card scraper or nib file work well. Those are my three go-to's. Watch the overall mil thickness if spraying another coat.

From contributor C:
Is this the first run you ever had? Lucky you! Be sure to wait long enough before scraping. Work on it too soon, and the thickest ball in the run will crater and then you have a mess!