Touching Up a Wrinkled Spot

A light sanding, dust coats and a wet coat does the trick. November 15, 2011

Any ideas about fixing a wrinkle problem with SW conversion varnish, short of stripping?

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From contributor R:
Not unless you can sand it out flat.

From contributor A:
Conversion varnish wrinkles when you sand through and recoat. If the problem areas are not too big, sand those areas lightly and spray dusting coats to lock down those edges. After an hour or so, you can spray a medium wet coat and it usually works out fine. Don't be tempted to spray washcoats; it will wrinkle even worse.

From the original questioner:
Thank you for the advice. The problem started with multiple layers of stain, toners, and glazes with reduced sealers between, and sanded properly with 320 and Scotch-Brite. It happened to rain every day during the finish and I was pushing the dry time between coats. Naturally the last coat wrinkled. My fix was to sand with 600, reduce the CV 25 percent with xylene and vmp naphtha (to kick off the flash point a little). Thought toluene might be too harsh. Sprayed a light coat, and it worked.

From contributor J:
Your issue was probably due to the reduced sealer coats, if you were using vinyl .The solids are not that high to be thinning them a lot. Also excessive sanding will do that. Another coat of vinyl if you had to sand a lot will help. Definitely do the dust coats if you've sanded through layers and need to move forward.