Trimming T Moulding

Tips for quickly and easily trimming T molding for laminated countertops. August 7, 2006

We need a hand tool to trim T moulding after it is installed on the laminated top. We had a Puck for years that worked great, but it has since broken and we cannot find a replacement anywere. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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From contributor A:
I must be a total, absolute idiot tonight. What is T moulding?

From contributor B:
T molding is the plastic, flexible molding you see on zillions of commercial office furniture etc. You make your top and then you use a slot cutter to run a kerf all the way around the edge then the T molding gets driven in to that kerf. The leg on the T has kind of like teeth to prevent it from pulling back out.

From contributor C:
I have found that a simple scraper is more efficient than a Puck. We have always used a 5 - in-1 painters knife found at almost any hardware store, and sharpened the end so that it would cut, but not scratch your surface. We would use these to make hundreds of parts a day. With thicker molding we would use a knife heater box to heat the tool before cutting.