Troubleshooting Edgebander Adhesion Problems

In this case, it appears that the adhesive is too cold. June 30, 2014

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
I am using camplast maple woodgrain edgebanding with Jowat 286.30 glue and sometimes it does not stick completely. You can pull off the tape and it is not sticking to the PVC but is still there on the particle board edges. I have been adjusting glue heat, etc.

Forum Responses
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From contributor W:
I have had this happen when my glue was old or when it had been cooked too much (heated and cooled too many times). All the solvents were gone. I bought new glue and cleaned out the pot and it helped.

From contributor Z:
Does you bander gave a pre-heat fence? Are you in a cold climate? I had this happen when my shop was in Montreal if the heat in the building had been lowered at night by a stingy landlord.

From contributor L:
It seems likely that your adhesive is losing its heat before the banding hits it. Is the substrate too cool, room too cool, banding too cool, cold drafts and the adhesive temperature at the roller too cool? If you are running a slow bander that can make the conditions worse.