Troubleshooting Glue Spillage on an Edgebander

When the glue starts to spill or spatter, and banding isn't getting fully glued on, it's time for a little careful cleaning. March 20, 2014

After running boards all day on my 2007 1310 Holz-her, the glue starts coming out of the plate and treads, not going into the material. This has happened a few times, and I have always cleaned the grooves and excess glue, and it worked after that, but now nothing makes it work. I even tried to take out some pressure on the plate, but nothing. Every time I run a board the glue comes out in front of the board, gluing the tape only in the front and end of the board.

Another question is, my bottom trimmer started making noise and stopped working properly. I just shut it off before it burned out. It's kind of stiff when it moves. Not sure if it is the bearing or something else. Can I open the motor to check the bearing?

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From contributor H:
Best I can tell from your description, and especially your last picture, is you have an excessive accumulated buildup of glue on the lower portion of the glue station which prevents the glue station from properly touching the board. When this happens, you have glue scattering as seen in your last picture, as well as a compounding problem with glue accumulation on the lower portion of the glue station. This causes the glue station to pivot away from the machine and eliminates the necessary travel and pretension required.

First there should be no glue accumulation below the application nozzle/groove area. If there is, you need to remove it by letting the machine heat up and stay heated for some time (keep resetting "delayed off" message), or by carefully using a heat gun to loosen the bulk of the glue that is touching the machine, so it can be removed.

Once clean and there is no obstruction between the glue station and the machine frame, you need to make sure there is pretension on the glue station. Hopefully you already have a glue test program which basically turns on the glue station and the feed track only. Make sure your edge-tape is pulled back into the magazine, and the pressure rollers are backed away from the feed track. Also, make sure your top and bottom trimmer are pulled away from the line of cut. You now need to run a board. When the leading edge of the board encounters the glue nozzle surface you should see the glue station pivot away from the machine about 1-2mm. If it does then you can proceed; if not then you'll need to inspect the spring tensioning system and aluminum knurled wheel below the glue station for correct adjustment.

If everything above has worked out, your problem should be essentially solved. You should further spend time adjusting the CDP settings to have precise start and stop application of the glue. By fine tuning and periodically maintaining the CDP's, your glue station front can remain virtually glue free, and consistently produce a superior glued edge.

There are many factors to the success of the glue station and its performance, so the above is my best suggestion based on my experience and your descriptions.

The bearings are replaceable for all motors, and they do frequently fail as well as the plastic fan. Check the plastic fan and look for missing blades, as well as evidence of melting where it is inserted over the motor shaft. We have those replacement parts in-stock.

From the original questioner:
I have solved the problem after cleaning all the glue and doing some adjustments on the tray that supports the glue chamber. I did replace the bearings of the trimmer. Plastic fan seems fine. Thanks for the help.