Troubleshooting Tape Marks in Veneer

Masking tape used at veneer joints will leave a visible "dent" at the seam. June 28, 2006

We recently veneered a star pattern for a table top. We used tape to join the pieces. We glued it in a vacuum press at full vacuum. The tape made indentations in the veneer. Should we have run this at less then full vacuum? If so what is the appropriate setting that will not dent the wood?

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From contributor A:
You may be able to steam the indentations out. I would use a hot iron and a wet rag. As far as the tape is concerned, I would use veneer tape instead of masking tape. The veneer tape is much thinner and won't leave an indentation. If you are having trouble using the veneer tape you can use masking tape on the glue side to hold the veneer together until the veneer tape has dried.

From contributor B:
Use veneer tape and your indentation problem will be solved. What type of glue are you using? I suggest using a urea type suggest also to glue the top to hot press @ 100 F. Keep it pressed about 3 minutes. From my understanding, vacuum presses are usually good in a moulded type item only.

From contributor C:
You didn't say if you used veneer tape? If so were there multiple plies of tape at the joints? If you used masking tape, yes it will dent the veneer. You may be able to carefully sand out the indentations. Try wetting the top first and allowing it to dry, then sand. It depends on the veneer as to how much sanding the top will take before shining thru. I hope you used a urea resin glue. One way to help prevent this is to use a very thin piece of rubber or foam over the top - when you press it will give slightly and compensate for the different thicknesses.