Troubleshooting an Edgebanding Gap

What could account for edgebanding joints that aren't tight? Pros suggest problems to check for. January 24, 2006

I'm having problems banding with 1" wide hardwood. When banding melamine I get a small (.5mm) gap on the top of the panel where the banding meets the panel. On the bottom of the panel it is tight. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Forum Responses
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From contributor J:
It sounds like your melamine panel is not cut at 90 degrees or your scoring blade is offset causing the gap.

From contributor D:
I presume this bander has the cartridge glue system. It might not be applying glue to this part of the panel. Try raising the glue line and make sure the nozzle isn't plugged. My Holzher has a program to run a glue test, if you can run that it will show you exactly how the glue is being applied.

From contributor R:
I agree with Contributor J - check your scoring blade adjustment.

From contributor L:
One easy way to check if it is panel cut squareness is to cut all 4 sides of the panel with the same surface up and band two sides then flip the panel over and band the other 2 sides. If the issue remains on the top then you could have an alignment problem with the mag table. If not then check your scoring set-up.

Also, make certain that the second edge guide isn't resting on the top of the lumber band. If it is too tight the lumber can't be pressed to the panel edge properly. Leave a 1/16" gap between the guide and the lumber. Also, is your band cut square? I've worked on HH equipment for 22 years and this not a common problem.