Trying To Find A Source For Thick Solid Basswood In Chicago


From original questioner:

Im trying to locate a supplier who sells solid Basswood in pieces as thick as 16/4. I'm going to make a rocking horse pig for my wife because she went to Arkansas for college and she loves pigs. I'm going to glue up a bunch of pieces and carve it.

Aetna plywood doesnt have it in solid and Owl is a ripoff.

Anyone know of any other sources in chicagoland?


From contributor Ma

Badger Hardwood in Walworth WI shows it on their website. Not quite Chicago, but close. It would be a nice drive north of the border in fall.

From contributor Mi

Perfect Mark! Theyre about 3.50 less a bf than owl!

From contributor Sn

Did you try
Raynor -Rinn Scott?
Horn Lumber?

From contributor Ma


If you go up to Badger, I'll warn you that they're not very big or easy to find. The first time I went there I drove right by them 2 or 3 times. But really nice people to deal with. I'm north of Milwaukee, so I don't get down there very often, but have been very happy whenever I have dealt with them.


From contributor Mi

Thx mark.

Snag, i totally forgot about those people, especially Horn. I called horn and hes checking stock. They always tend to have great prices thx!