Ultrasonic Cleaners for Cleaning Sprayguns?

High-end professional ultrasonic cleaning equipment works the best, but even a small inexpensive unit might be worth having. January 28, 2009

I am interested in using a cheap Ultrasonic cleaning system for my spray guns. I use gravity feed cup guns, spraying catalyzed lacquer. Has anyone tried this? It seems that even after good cleaning there is always some dried lacquer in the tip, needle, etc. does anyone have any thoughts?

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From contributor C:
I have one and find it really doesn't work that well. It is a USA made one and now sits collecting dust.

From contributor B:
When I was at Kremlin's warehouse in Chicago, they had a big one that was heated, but I forget the chemical that was used in the vat. I think it was a paint stripper of some kind though. That one worked really well.

From contributor T:
I believe the word cheap separates the good from the bad in the world of ultrasonic cleaners. I have sold them for years. To use one of these for removing all paint and coatings you must get a stainless steel model. It must have heat (like 175F) and there is a specific chemical that you must use for paints.

These types of cleaners will remove all coatings I have encountered (UV, CV, WB, 2K, Etc) within twenty minutes and parts then rinse with water. The chemical we use will last for over two years so there is almost no waste.

From contributor R:
Why go cheap unless you’re trying to help out someone who sells them. The cheap ones are worthless. You might just continue soaking the spray gun and its parts in a can of solvent or whatever liquid you use to reduce your coating.

In over a quarter century of finishing I’ve always cleaned my spray guns with the appropriate liquid and I’ve never had any issues. The water based coatings might take a bit longer when it comes to cleaning your spray guns but will those few extra minutes warrant the purchase of such a tool?

From contributor J:
Well, I have a cheap one my wife uses for cleaning her jewelry and I must say, it
cleans far better than just soaking in thinner. I put the air cap and nozzle in a glass of thinner and sit the glass in the ultrasonic cleaner filled with water and it's unbelievable how much comes off of what looked to be clean parts.