Under Drawer LED's Conundrum


From original questioner:

Working on a closet with pull out shoe trays. In order to maximize the height between the trays the owner wants to mount the LED strip lighting directly to the underside of the drawers.

The problem arises when the drawer is pulled out. I can't have a lot of wires dangling. My first attempt was to energize the drawer slides (pos one side, neg. the other), when the drawer box is installed the circuit is completed and the LEDs are energized. Even at 12 volts the electrician wasn't keen on the idea.

So, I'm wondering if anyone has come across a similar problem and if there is a solution out there. I currently researching retractable LV wire wheels that I can mount behind a false panel in the back.


From contributor ma

Oooh, I like the energized drawer slide idea.
Make something like a follower arm arrangement for A/V pullouts. The width of the drawer has to be more than half of the pull-out distance.
I'd make it out of 1/2" baltic birch: 2" ish height. Cut 2 lengths, the length of the drawer back. Hinge them end to end. Attach one of the free ends to a back corner of the drawer box with a hinge. The other free end gets attached to the cabinet back, also with a hinge.
When the drawer's closed, the follower arm makes a tight zig zag to the back of the cabinet. When open, it makes a loose zig zag directly behind the drawer out of sight. Cable tie the low voltage wire to the follower arm. Less exciting than the slide concept, but it'll do.

From contributor Az

Have you thought about wireless LED's, The battery life is the down side but they work well and fit either 32mm system holes or into a 35mm hole or use two sided tape that's included and they are motion and light sensitive.