Uses for Hollow Oak Logs

Practical, humorous, and fanciful ideas for making use of White Oak hollow logs. October 1, 2010

I just cut down all my hollow white oak trees and cut them into 5/4 x 6 boards. But there is anywhere from 4' to 8' of the butt that is hollow on 6 trees. It seems a waste to just cut them into firewood. Any ideas for using these butts for anything but firewood? I thought about end tables or some type of furniture.

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From contributor R:
Around here they use them for drain pipes, like in a driveway.

From contributor G:

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From contributor P:
Tip them on end in your campfire for roasting steak on a stick.

From contributor R:
If they are big hollow logs, build a tree house on top of the log with a ladder inside the log to get to the tree house.

From contributor M:
If it's like the western red cedar I saw, that could be clear wood. I don't know what clear oak sells for, but clear cedar is worth three times as much as the knotty stuff. It's a little extra work, but you can saw it into lumber if the shell is thick enough.

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From contributor D:
Good suggestions. A neighbor picked up one we had. It was full of dirt from varmints and the anthill inside of it. I didn't want to ruin chains sawing it into firewood. It was over 5-1/2' on one end, 4' on the other, and about 5' tall. He said he was going to make it into a planter. I guess I should stop in to see how it came out.

From contributor L:
I have seen large hollow logs cut into 8 to 16 inch lengths and used for cabin windows.

From contributor B:
I had a 40" bur oak that was hollow on the bottom 8'. I cut 2' long sections like firewood and set them on end, filled with dirt, and the wife plants flowers and ivy in them. She loves them and when I make her happy - that is a good thing.

From contributor O:
Saw one in half, place a nice slab on top and use it for a bathroom sink/vanity.